I’m a chemical engineer, an investment banker, a private pilot and a history enthusiast. And I love great biographies.

Ten years ago I started traveling overseas frequently and found myself wasting enormous time sitting on airplanes. So I decided to begin reading the very best biographies I could find.

I began collecting great biographies of some of history’s most fascinating people: famous explorers, scientists, sports figures and other interesting personalities. But I quickly focused on a single genre which has consumed the last five years of my life: presidential biographies.

In 2012 I began reading and reviewing each of the best presidential biographies I could find, beginning with George Washington. My journey through the best presidential biographies is being documented at www.bestpresidentialbios.com.

I’m 200+ biographies into that adventure and will be finished by Presidents’ Day 2019. Then I will begin reading and reviewing the very best biographies I can find of everyone else… beginning with Ron Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton”!

Steve Floyd
March 2018



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Steve: Thank you very much for including my poor book. Mario Cuomo was a great man and the book has been well received quite beyond its due. I’ve just heard that Barnes & Noble just ordered another thousand copies. But I was really delighted to have your approval. Is there a good mailing address for you…? I’d like to send you some more info about the book. And the book itself. Bill O’S Many thanks

    • Thanks for your note and congratulations on your book! I found Mario Cuomo to be a fascinating and intriguing character…and he was certainly the object of great admiration on the part of my Italian-born but New York-resident in-laws 🙂

      No worries on sending a copy of the book – I purchase every book I read and review and I consider that a small price to pay getting to read great biographies about interesting individuals. If you have other information about the book I might find useful or interesting let me know (the easiest way for me to get stuff is via email: sr20pilotbios -at- gmail.com) but other means of delivery can be utilized as well!

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