I’m a chemical engineer, an investment banker and a huge fan of American history. And I absolutely love great biographies. When I found myself spending enormous time sitting on airplane while traveling for business I began looking for a way to use all that wasted time.

So I started collecting and reading biographies – of politicians, famous explorers, scientists and other interesting personalities. I quickly focused on a single genre which has consumed the last four years of my life: presidential biographies.

In late 2012 I began reading and reviewing each of the best presidential biographies I could find, beginning with George Washington. My journey through the best presidential biographies is being documented at www.bestpresidentialbios.com.

I’m 175 biographies into that adventure. But in the meantime I’m expanding my collection of the best biographies I can find of anyone…and I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing them once I get through my first round with the presidents…beginning with Ron Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton”!

Steve Floyd
February 2017



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Steve: Thank you very much for including my poor book. Mario Cuomo was a great man and the book has been well received quite beyond its due. I’ve just heard that Barnes & Noble just ordered another thousand copies. But I was really delighted to have your approval. Is there a good mailing address for you…? I’d like to send you some more info about the book. And the book itself. Bill O’S Many thanks

    • Thanks for your note and congratulations on your book! I found Mario Cuomo to be a fascinating and intriguing character…and he was certainly the object of great admiration on the part of my Italian-born but New York-resident in-laws 🙂

      No worries on sending a copy of the book – I purchase every book I read and review and I consider that a small price to pay getting to read great biographies about interesting individuals. If you have other information about the book I might find useful or interesting let me know (the easiest way for me to get stuff is via email: sr20pilotbios -at- gmail.com) but other means of delivery can be utilized as well!

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