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imagesGeorge Washington and the New Nation (1783-1793)” is the third in Thomas Flexner’s four-volume series on George Washington.  This volume covers Washington’s life from his restless (and short-lived) retirement at Mt. Vernon following the American Revolution to the beginning of his second term as our nation’s first President.

This third part of Flexner’s “mini-series” on Washington picks up nicely – and effortlessly – where the second left off.  And true to expectation based on his previous works, Flexner’s story-telling abilities again proved superior, and his command of the facts of the day quite remarkable.  Happily, this volume was written in a style of language somewhat more modern than Volume II (and certainly its predecessor), helping the book move quickly and efficiently.

At first blush, it may seem little happened during the first four years of Washington’s presidency – other than the important task of the federal government beginning to coalesce..

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