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The Age of Jackson” by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. was published in 1945 and won the 1946 Pulitzer Prize in the History category. He also won a 1966 Pulitzer Prize for “A Thousand Days” about John F. Kennedy’s presidency. Schlesinger was a well-known historian, social critic and prominent Democrat, and served as Special Assistant to President Kennedy.  In all, he authored nearly three-dozen books.

Schlesinger’s “The Age of Jackson” is an American classic and it maintains a consistent stream of readers despite its advanced age.  However, as is well known to anyone who has perused its pages, it is not really a biography of Andrew Jackson.  What Schlesinger’s book is, first and foremost, is a political science treatise – a discussion of Jacksonian democracy and the evolution of classical liberalism.

Second, and in a much narrower sense, it is an interesting (but not comprehensive) book on…

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